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Best Matcha Green Tea Powder Grades

  • EU/USDA organic culinary grade matcha powder
  • EU/USDA organic premium grade matcha powder
  • EU/USDA organic ceremonial grade matcha powder
  • Instant Tea Powder
  • Bamboo Matcha Whisk Set

Professional Matcha Factory SupplyDifferent Package Types of Matcha Green Tea Powder Private Label

As a professional matcha supplier in China, Riching supply a series different grade matcha tea powder and has rich experience in matcha tea private label.

We, the leading matcha factory in China, supply all food safe package types of matcha tea, zip lock stand-up pouches or kraft paper (foil lined) finish, Iron and aluminum box, bag bar etc.

You can request for more matcha tea packing choices, we will give you the best matcha tea package and labels solutions based on your brand.


  • private label matcha

Reliable Matcha Factory to Supply Different Selections of Matcha Tea Powder to Support Your Business

Culinary Grade Matcha

Pure/ EU Organic/ USDA Organic Culinary Grade Matcha

Premium Grade Matcha

Pure/ EU Organic/ USDA Organic Premium Grade Matcha

Matcha Ceremonial grade

Pure/ EU Organic/ USDA Organic Matcha Ceremonial grade

TOP matcha

TOP-3 Matcha & TOP-6 Matcha green jade color,  high aroma flavor, suitable for high-end desserts, ice cream etc

Instant Tea Powder

hot-soluble type instant tea powder series and cold-soluble type instant tea powder series.

Matcha Bamboo Whisk Set

Matcha bamboo whisk set ,matcha tea brush, matcha tea chasen, matcha bowl, matcha chasen holder, matcha tea spoon etc

Reliable Matcha Tea Supplier to Rocket Your Business

Reliable leading matcha factory, Riching supply natural pure and EU/ USDA organic matcha green tea powder.  No additives, no preservatives, Gluten free, non-GMO, No allergens.

As one of the best matcha factory from China, Riching matcha tea are certified with EU and USDA organic and are popular in USA, Germany, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico etc.

Why Riching Matcha is Trusted by Global Leading Tea Brand
Over 500tons shipping every years

Matcha Tea manufacturer
Own 1,000,000 ㎡ organic tea farm

Owning 1,000,000 ㎡ organic tea farm, Riching matcha company can supply you best pure and  EU/USDA organic matcha tea all year round steadily.

Matcha Tea certificate
EU/USDA organic matcha certifications

Riching are one organic matcha supplier, our matcha tea powder can meet the EU and USD organic standards and have passed the EU/USDA organic certifications.

matcha tea grades
Rich Matcha Tea Powder Selections

As leading matcha factory, Riching supply culinary, premium, ceremonial grade matcha tea, also develop TOP matcha tea for high-end coffee shops etc, and different instant tea powder to meet clients’ different requirements.

matcha tea package2
Different Matcha Tea Package Choices

Riching matcha supply different packages, bulk package: 20kg or 25kg per carton; zip lock stand-up pouches or kraft paper 30g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g per bag etc; Iron and aluminum box 30g, 50g, 100g per box; Bag bar 1-3g per bag.

Matcha Tea Accessories One Step Purchasing

Riching are not only matcha manufacturer,  also supply matcha accessories one step purchasing-matcha bowl, bamboo matcha whisks (matcha chasen), matcha holder, etc.

Matcha Tea certificate
Test Reports by International Authoritative Testing Organizations

As one trust matcha factory, Riching Matcha have passed by International authoritative testing organization, such as EUROFINS, SGS, ALEX STEWART etc.

Who Use
Riching Matcha Tea

Global Matcha Tea Brand

If you own your private matcha tea brand and sell matcha tea powder to your local market, then Riching will be your best matcha supplier. As one Chinese matcha company, we have enough advantage in price and quality. The higher quality and larger competitive prices of our matcha tea will add your profit space and promote your business increase. It is so important to choose one suitable matcha factory.

Coffee Shops & Beverage Shops etc

If you are coffee shops or beverages companies, Riching Matcha will be your most suitable matcha supplier, we can 100% support your new product developing, such as matcha latte, matcha cookies, matcha juice, matcha ice cream, matcha milkshake etc. At present, our matcha factory produce and export pure matcha and EU/USDA matcha and mixed matcha products in many countries, like EU, USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Canada etc

Health Food &Superfood Shop or Online Shops

If you are one health food & superfoods shop or online shops, providing a series of green superfoods and supplements, we look forward to become your professional and reliable matcha supplier. Our matcha tea can attract more customers for you.

matcha tea factory

Matcha Tea Factory & Farm

Matcha Tea Farm
Matcha Tea Farm
Matcha Tea Farm
Matcha Tea Farm
Matcha Tea Farm
Matcha Tea Farm
Matcha Factory-Production
Matcha Tea Factory-Production
Matcha Factory-Production
Matcha Tea Factory-Production
Matcha Factory-Production
Matcha Tea Factory-Production

Riching Matcha FAQ


    Do you have any MOQ for your matcha tea powder?

    We do not have MOQ for every order, for less than 20kg, we can ship matcha tea powder to you by courier, DHL, TNT, Fedex, EMS etc.

    Can you export organic matcha tea powder to EU?

    Yes, all of our organic matcha tea powder have already exported to EU. We can provide TC organic certificate.

    Can you send us free samples for tasting?

    Of course, just tell us which matcha tea specification you want to taste, we will arrange samples for you.

    Does Riching only supply matcha tea?

    Not exactly, Riching supply a series of superfoods. About more superfoods, just send us your requirements

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