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Riching has been one of the best matcha factory in China, we introduce Japanese matcha production technologies and develop our own matcha tea grinding technologies. At present, Riching matcha factory can supply different grades matcha: culinary grade matcha, premium grade matcha, ceremonial grade matcha. To meet our clients’ higher requirements for coffee shops and bakeries, we develop TOP matcha series.

As the leading matcha supplier, we have passed EU and USDA organic certifications for matcha tea powder and instant tea powder. We look forward to be your reliable matcha supplier in China and 100% support your business.

We are professional matcha factory all over the world. Riching matcha conform or exceed the food standards and we will be happy to support you if you have more strict requirements.

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  • matcha tea farm


People often ask what is the difference between the Matcha and the green tea besides the matcha been consumed as the whole grounded powder. The true unique practices in Matcha farming, shading the growth and the removal of the stems.

In early spring, Riching farmer chooses strongest growing Green Tea plant for Matcha and is shaded for slow growth about 3 weeks. In shading, a natural wonderful process occurs which is the plants grow more Theanine. Theanine helps our minds feel calm and focused.

All matcha from Riching matcha factory need shading before production.

The Benefits of Matcha Tea

Riching produce 100% pure matcha tea powder because it is very effective in offering all the nutrients — L-Theanine, catechins and EGCG into our body.

L-Theanine is a unique free amino acid in tea.  Theanine and caffeine combination caffeine in matcha have anti-fatigue effect and help our mind feel calm and alert at the same time, that helps our improved mental focused.

EGCG has effects of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

We shade organic matcha tea plant for slow growth about 3 weeks before harvest, so that the tea plant grows more theanine.

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  • matcha juice

Matcha Tea Source and History

More than one thousand years ago, matcha originated in the Sui Dynasty in China and reached its peak in the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. Especially in the Song Dynasty, there has been a complete temple matcha tea ceremony (ordering tea). Since the Ming Dynasty, it has become popular in China to use tea to soak in the soup and discard the dregs.

The matcha tea is lost, and the traditional matcha tea mill has disappeared.

At the end of Tang Dynasty(the 9 century), the Japanese envoys introduced matcha tea into Japan. Then matcha tea was accepted and respected by the Japanese people and developed into today’s Japanese matcha tea ceremony.

As the matcha factory in China, it is our responsibility to revivie our matcha cause in China. We also learn and discuss with different matcha factories to improve our matcha manufacturing. We firmly believe Chinese matcha will be enjoyed all over the world.


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