Culinary Grade Matcha

The culinary variety of matcha tea is produced using leaves that don’t meet the requirements for premium or ceremonial grades, and is both all-natural and free of GMOs; with its affordability and versatility, it’s an ideal choice for use in recipes and blended drinks, and is available in two types: pure and organic culinary grade matcha.

Feel free to request a sample in order to assess the quality before making a larger purchase, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for recommendations on which matcha tea varieties to choose based on your preferences.

  • Culinary grade matcha
  • EU organic culinary grade matcha
  • USDA organic culinary grade matcha
  • Bulk Package:20kg/carton;25kg/carton
  • Private Package and label: 1-3g, 50g-1kg etc as your requirements.
  • Free samples for your testing

Discover the Versatility and Quality of Culinary Grade Matcha from Riching Matcha, Your Trusted Matcha Supplier

Matcha, the finely ground powder made from shade-grown green tea leaves, has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique flavor and numerous health benefits. While many people are familiar with ceremonial grade matcha, which is prized for its delicate flavor and high quality, fewer are aware of the versatility and value of culinary grade matcha. As a trusted matcha supplier, Riching Matcha offers a wide range of culinary grade matcha products that can be used in a variety of culinary applications.

What is Culinary Grade Matcha?

Culinary grade matcha, also known as cooking grade matcha or food grade matcha, is made from slightly older tea leaves that are harvested later in the season than those used for ceremonial grade matcha. While the leaves used to make culinary grade matcha are not as tender and delicate as those used for ceremonial grade matcha, they are still of high quality and have a delicious, slightly bitter flavor that is perfect for culinary uses.

The main difference between ceremonial and culinary grade matcha is that ceremonial grade matcha is meant to be enjoyed on its own, while culinary grade matcha is designed to be used in cooking and baking. Culinary grade matcha is perfect for making matcha desserts such as matcha ice cream, matcha cheesecake, and matcha cookies, as well as savory dishes such as matcha soba noodles and matcha-infused sauces and dressings.

The Benefits of Choosing Riching Matcha as Your Matcha Supplier

As a matcha supplier, Riching Matcha is committed to providing the highest quality matcha products to customers around the world. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing Riching Matcha as your matcha supplier:

  1. High-quality matcha products: Riching Matcha’s culinary grade matcha is made from high-quality tea leaves that are carefully selected and processed to ensure maximum flavor and nutritional value.
  2. Versatile product range: Riching Matcha offers a wide range of culinary grade matcha products, including organic matcha, flavored matcha, and matcha powders of varying grades, allowing customers to find the perfect matcha for their specific culinary needs.
  3. Competitive prices: Riching Matcha offers competitive prices on all its matcha products, making it an affordable option for home cooks, restaurants, and food manufacturers.
  4. Reliable shipping: Riching Matcha ships its products worldwide, using reliable and efficient shipping methods to ensure that customers receive their matcha products on time and in good condition.
  5. Excellent customer service: Riching Matcha prides itself on providing excellent customer service, with a dedicated team of experts on hand to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have.

In conclusion, culinary grade matcha is a versatile and high-quality ingredient that can add a unique flavor and a wealth of health benefits to a wide range of culinary applications. Riching Matcha, as a trusted matcha supplier, is committed to providing the highest quality matcha products at competitive prices, along with excellent customer service and reliable shipping. Whether you are a home cook, a restaurant, or a food manufacturer, Riching Matcha is the perfect partner for all your matcha needs.

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