Culinary Grade Matcha

Culinary grade matcha tea is made from leaves that are not chosen for premium grade matcha tea or ceremonial grade matcha tea, 100% pure and natural, no-GMO. Culinary grade matcha is inexpensive and very suitable for recipes and smoothies. There are two different levels of culinary grade matcha, pure culinary grade matcha and organic culinary grade matcha tea.

You can also require one sample to check the quality first. Send us your matcha tea requirements, we will give you some suggestions about match tea selections.

  • Culinary grade matcha
  • EU organic culinary grade matcha
  • USDA organic culinary grade matcha
  • Bulk Package:20kg/carton;25kg/carton
  • Private Package and label: 1-3g, 50g-1kg etc as your requirements.
  • Free samples for your testing

Culinary Grade Matcha Tea Supplier-Riching

Culinary grade matcha tea is suitable for making matcha-flavored desserts and drinks.

Culinary grade matcha has a yellow-green color, and the powder is soft and smooth. Faint matcha aroma, directly tastes slightly astringent.

Culinary grade matcha’s main purpose is to make desserts and beverages, baked snacks, etc. It can also be consumed directly, but the taste is slight astringency.

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