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Riching has been one of the best matcha tea supplier in China, we introduce Japanese matcha tea manufacturing technologies. Besides, we also develop our own matcha tea manufacturing technologies. We aim to become the Number 1 matcha tea supplier in China, and supply our high quality matcha tea powder to all over the world. Now, we supply culinary grade, premium grade, ceremonial grade series matcha tea powder. To meet our clients’ higher requirements for coffee shops and bakeries, Riching matcha tea factory also develop TOP matcha.

Now, all kinds of teas juice made with natural raw materials and high-quality matcha are highly sought after by consumers. We are expecting to discuss with you about matcha tea supply.

Send us your matcha tea requirements, you will taste our fine matcha tea powder.

Culinary Grade Matcha

Pure, EU organic and USDA organic culinary matcha tea

Premium Grade Matcha

Pure, EU organic and USDA organic matcha tea

Matcha Ceremonial Grade

Pure, EU organic and USDA organic matcha tea

TOP-3 Matcha

TOP-3 Matcha for high-end desserts

TOP Matcha

TOP-6 Matcha for high-end desserts

Instant Tea Powder

Instant tea powder, Instant green tea powder, Instant black tea powder, Instant oolong tea powder, Instant jasmine tea powder, Instant Pu’er tea powder

Riching Matcha: Your Reliable and Best Matcha Tea Supplier

If you need matcha to add into your products, or you sell matcha tea powder directly, as one leading matcha tea factory, Riching will be best choice to supply your best matcha tea orders.

Riching matcha tea factory from tea farm, production to finished goods, all processes have passed EU and USDA organic inspection. Now, Riching matcha factory can supply organic certificated matcha tea powder and instant tea powder. We trust we can be your reliable matcha tea supplier in China and 100% support your business.

and we will provide you a competitive price based on the same quality of matcha tea.

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