Premium Grade Matcha

Crafted from high-quality, freshly-harvested green tea leaves that are pure, natural, and GMO-free, premium grade matcha tea is an excellent choice for use in a wide range of applications, including beverages and frozen desserts; with both pure and organic varieties available, this matcha is reasonably priced and comes in two different grades. If you’re uncertain about the quality, simply request a sample, and we’ll be delighted to provide tailored recommendations based on your preferences.

  • Premium grade matcha
  • EU organic premium grade matcha
  • USDA organic premium grade matcha
  • Bulk Package:20kg/carton;25kg/carton
  • Private Package and label: 1-3g, 50g-1kg etc as your requirements.
  • Free samples for your testing

Discover the Delightful Taste and Health Benefits of Premium Grade Matcha from Riching Matcha, Your Trusted Matcha Wholesaler

Matcha, the finely ground powder made from shade-grown green tea leaves, is a popular drink and culinary ingredient across the world. But not all matcha is created equal. Riching Matcha, your trusted matcha wholesaler, offers premium grade matcha, a unique product that stands out for its exceptional taste, aroma, and nutritional properties. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of premium grade matcha from Riching Matcha.

What is Premium Grade Matcha?

Premium grade matcha, which is sometimes referred to as ceremonial grade matcha, is the finest quality of matcha tea that can be found, made from only the most delicate and youthful leaves plucked from the highest point of the tea plant, shaded for weeks to enhance their sweetness and flavor, and then ground meticulously into an exquisitely smooth and vivid green powder using age-old stone mills.

Features of Riching Matcha’s Premium Grade Matcha

Riching Matcha premium grade matcha is a cut above the rest. Here are some of the unique features of our product:

  1. Superior taste:Riching Matcha’s premium grade matcha offers a nuanced, velvety taste that is naturally sweet and refreshing, with no hint of bitterness or astringency, making it an ideal standalone beverage or addition to your favorite recipes.
  2. Rich aroma: Our premium grade matcha has a fresh, grassy aroma that stimulates the senses and enhances the overall matcha experience.
  3. Nutritional value: Riching Matcha’s high-quality matcha powder boasts a plethora of beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which not only provide an invigorating boost of energy but also contribute to promoting holistic health and wellness.
  4. Beautiful color: Our premium grade matcha has a bright green color that indicates the high quality of the tea leaves used and the careful processing that goes into creating our matcha powder.
Benefits of Choosing Riching Matcha as Your Matcha Wholesaler

As a matcha wholesaler, Riching Matcha is dedicated to providing high-quality matcha products to our wholesale customers. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Riching Matcha as your matcha wholesaler:

  1. Large quantity discounts: We offer special discounts to our wholesale customers who order large quantities of our premium grade matcha.
  2. Timely delivery: We understand the importance of timely delivery, and we strive to ensure that all orders are shipped promptly and arrive in perfect condition.
  3. Quality assurance: We take pride in our premium grade matcha and guarantee that all our products meet the highest standards of quality, freshness, and purity.
  4. Customer service: Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always available to answer any questions or concerns that our wholesale customers may have.

Riching Matcha’s premium grade matcha is unmatched in terms of its exceptional flavor, fragrance, and nutritional benefits. We take pride in being a reliable matcha wholesaler, offering our customers top-tier matcha products at discounted prices, with swift delivery and exceptional customer support. Get in touch with us now to place your order and savor the unique flavor and quality of Riching Matcha.

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